We are proud of the quality and scope of the many primary eye care services provided in our office. We care about you and your family, and about your eyes.

We believe in staying current with the latest technology, procedures and products.

As Optometrists, we check more than just your prescription for eye glasses. Optometrists are eye doctors that specialize in detecting many eye diseases, for example, glaucoma and cataracts. Many eye diseases do not have symptoms, but are treatable if detected early. Many systemic disorders, such as diabetes, elevated cholesterol and hypertension can also affect eye health.

Contact lens wearers should be seen annually to assess the fit of their contact lenses, determine if the brand that they are wearing is the optimal brand for their eyes, and ensure that their eyes are healthy.

Annual eye examinations are critical to maintain healthy vision at any age and are recommended for everyone!

Your eye examination will include

  • An evaluation of the health of your eyes and surrounding tissue.

  • An Optomap Retinal photograph for monitoring of your retina.

  • Determination of the clarity of your vision at distance and near.

  • Monitoring the efficiency of your eyes coordination skills, focusing skills & sensory systems.

  • Determination of whether a prescription is required.

  • Discussion of the visual demands involved in your work environment, lifestyle and leisure time.

  • Recommendation of the best optical appliances to improve your quality of vision.


Eye health and vision services to children as young as six months, and encourage our patients to bring in their children for an eye exam by 2 years of age. Early detection of underlying vision and eye health abnormalities is essential to avoid permanent vision loss (amblyopia).

OHIP covers eye examinations annually for children up to and including the age of 19, seniors 65 and over, and individuals with diabetes.